Friday, 18 November 2016

The 6-Letter 'B' Word That Cuts Like A Knife

Two hearts, one budget!

Oh yes, we're going there. You know what word we're talking about. 


I love/loathe Pinterest. It's complicated, but I'm going to try to unpack why.  Here's my love list:

*Amazing collection of all things. Literally, all the things. Green goddess smoothies, coconut oil benefits, housecleaning hacks - you name it, you search it, and Pinterest will deliver it!
*User-friendly way to keep visual and comprehensive boards of ideas for anything from one-pot recipes, DIY manicures, decorating hacks all the way to party themes and colour swatches
*Easy way to find/pinpoint what you like, and be able to express to others what you've got in mind with carefully curated images

The loathe list:

*So. Many. Ideas.  A veritable rabbit-hole, where looking for 'Alice In Wonderland' wedding ideas can lead you down, down, down... Further away from what you want, and find a thousand other ideas you didn't know you needed. 
*Picture-perfection images that, in some cases, are rooted deeply in fantasy (aka Photoshop) or Baller Status (what I like to call 'Keeping Up With The Wests' -the Kanye and Kim Effect)

And here's where the B-word comes into play.  Pinterest can sometimes blind us to the age-old dilemma of Prime Rib Dreams/Hamburger Reality! We're inundated with pictures and magazine spreads of celebrity parties, galas, and weddings; we follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat and are given front-row seats to the best of the best in everything THEY have access to - haute couture fashion, innovative interior design, no-holds-barred styling, surreal make-up and top-drawer event planning. When we try to pull star inspiration into real-life events, fantasy and reality collide head-on. So half of our Pins end up being good from far, but far from good (financially). Budgets and Pinterest sometimes are in stark opposition, so I saved this article published earlier this year that gives a little insight into some of the ways wedding budget spends become post-event regrets:

*~The Hads and Had-Nots: Brides Dish On Some Of Their Wedding Day Regrets~*

Budgets apply to people outside of the couple getting married; being invited to be a part of the big day is a huge honour - and an even bigger responsibility financially. Here's how life in the wedding party can unfold:

*~It Takes A Village... To Make A Wedding Happen: How Much Does It Cost Your Wedding Party?~*

Sigh... What to do, what to do? Which ideas are workable, doable, attainable, and ideas are best left to the the A-list and their unlimited funds? It's a tough call, especially 'in the heat of the moment' (aka mid-meeting with a decorator) so the best thing you can do is have the hard, clinical discussions about all-things-money and what your non-negotiables are beforehand, so that at the very least you are walking in to the planning process on the same page and with the same endgame in mind. Best case scenario? You have a clear vision that's drawn up by you and your partner, not by the special celebrity wedding issue of InStyle magazine!

Wishing you a day as limitless as you are~
Lisa and April

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

My Dirty Little Secret (and Why We Should Embrace It!)

The LBD reimagined - in velvet

On a new day that follows what can only be described as a shocking night in politics, it's seems that the newly elected president was the dirty little secret of a wide segment of the voting populace.  So, it seems like the perfect time to out myself;  I have a dirty little secret of my own, but thankfully, I've got the fashion industry on my side here.

I love velvet. Inky and plush, tactile and crushed, I am #teamvelvet! View Exhibit A:


A few years ago, Target's designer collaboration with Joseph Altuzarra featured a crimson velvet tuxedo and that bad boy is in my closet right now.  If there's a velvet anything in any store - pillows, throws, shoes, purses, coats, you name it - I instinctively slow down and do the lingering graze/eager grab. Then come the oohs and ahhs.  And this isn't a new thing, you guys; I've loved velvet for as long as I can remember.  There's something dramatic, rich, and decadent when you go velvet.  Black looks more deep and vivid, midnight blue suggests a colour that is both endless and infinite, and a chocolate coloured velvet throw is an invitation to endless comfort.  Fashion, being what it is, has embraced my secret love and it is EVERYWHERE this season....

A little velvet for everyone!


Want, want, need!
A coat to make the cold more bearable!

....which means it's only a matter of time before we see wedding decor reflect the velvet experience.
What I love about the velvet trend is that it breathes 'texture' and the juxtaposition of mixing different materials with the velvet can create dynamic looks. And you don't have to go wall-to-wall velvet; even one detail or treatment can be an instant dose of luxe!

Small details, big impact!

Rustic meets luxe

Velvet+concrete+glass+metal = mixology perfected!

My velvet crush is out in the open - it's not salacious or smutty, thank goodness! But, what feels better than admitting it? Seeing velvet everywhere right now - and looking forward to a 2017 wedding season filled with my dirty little secret. Velvet has arrived and she is a Queen; pass it on!!

Wishing you a day as limitless as you are~
Lisa and April