Friday, 10 March 2017

Wedding Cake Double-D: Where Dessert and Decor Meet

Cake, glorious cake....
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I think I might've mentioned this a few times before, but just in case I haven't, here goes: I love cake.
I could be falling asleep and perk right up at just the mere thought of cake. And if there's any leftover cake in the house.....well, it's not pretty.

Forget Tinder, I'll only swipe right for cake!
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Whether it's a Vachon Half-Moon, a slice of Sara Lee (frozen) pound cake, a kids' birthday-style sheet cake or a decadent bakery creation, I will gladly and cheerfully take part in a bite or two, or twelve. My brain is wired to see dinner as foreplay before the main event - dessert! There are two reasons why, when April and I are on a wedding, I stay on-site at the venue while April is with the bridal party. Firstly, I cry at the drop of a hat and will ALWAYS cry when I see the bride emerge from her staging area in her dress and makeup - and because tears are contagious, I don't want to be the one who starts a crying jag among perfectly made-up faces! And secondly, I'm impatient and suffer from serious FOMO and want to see everything as it's unfolding and that includes eyeballing the dessert situation.  My Big Three matters of utmost importance for a wedding are outfit, colours and cake!  And boy oh boy, we've really seen a host of trends over the last few years. Whether it was ruffles and pristine white cakes in royal icing and buttercreams -

Via Wedding Bells

-or vintage inspired multi-tiers

Via WeddBook

-watercolour numbers

Via Flair Bridesmaid

-and ombré creations

Via Weddingomania

-chandelier cakes precariously hung

Via Inside Weddings

-cupcake towers

 Via Cosmopolitan 

-or the risqué naked cakes

Now THIS is a tasteful nude!
Via Martha Stewart Weddings

- we've seen a lot of fresh ideas for a traditional wedding staple.  But for all the new and exciting takes on cake, I think we've forgotten that the wedding cake is an extension of your wedding theme and has a pretty big role in the decor of your event!  Believe us when we say it -  people really DO look at the wedding cake; it's examined as closely as the bride's dress and the table arrangements. And people take pictures OF and WITH the cake! I ran across as article highlighting the importance of the wedding cake and things you should take into consideration when deciding on one.

*~Wedding Cake 101: The lowdown on a wedding highlight!~*

Is this the year you put you wedding style on blast and incorporate a cake that not only tastes great but is an absolute showstopper? Let us know what you're thinking (and if we can snag a slice, for research purposes, of course!)

Wishing you a day as limitless as you are~
Lisa and April

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Oscar 2017: Red Carpet Fashin Oohs and Ahhhs!

Red carpet couture courtesy of Ruth Negga
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So..... it's been a week and a bit since the biggest Oscar mess-up since... well, forever! And while the big takeaway from the mistake seemed to be more about how gracious La La Land was instead of celebrating how monumental 'Moonlight' winning is, it feels like a good time to take a look back at some of the gems from the red carpet of the Academy Awards. featured dresses that hit all the right notes for brides-to-be and while this year was a tight and unpredictable Awards season, the fashion was mad-exciting!  There were the usual suspects, with their impeccable style like Nicole Kidman -

Nicole Kidman, guaranteed to bring her A-game to a red carpet!
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Priyanka Chopra

When fashion meets architecture - structural fashion
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Emma Stone

Golden girl Emma Watson
Via US Weekly

Meryl Streep

My bucket list clothing wish? To wear a dress and pant combo!
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- but then we saw what was even more exciting this year, what I called the upstarts, the ladies and gentlemen who took the red carpet to a whoooooole other level with their style.  My Oscar Best-Dressed was Ruth Negga who evoked a time long-gone with her dress but touched on one of this year's trends with her jewelled headband. I lovelovelove Ruth Negga because she looks like a silent screen actress of a bygone era and her fashion was on-point throughout award season. As she represented the film "Loving" and ultimately lost out to Emma Stone for the Best Actress honour, she was the highlight of night for me.

Regal in red
Via CelebMafia

AND, she and Viola Davis, who DID win a well-deserved statue for her role in "Fences" were proof-positive that a red dress can absolutely stun on the red carpet! Viola's look was flawless - she let the dress be the star while she kept the hair and makeup glam. She really did look regal and fierce on a night saw her move one step closer to EGOT glory!

Statuesque and unforgettable
Via The Hollywood Reporter

But the glamour didn't stop there - two other ladies were swoon-worthy and brought their A+++game  to Oscar night: Kirsten Dunst and Taraji P. Henson.

Back to black..... my favourite LBDs of the night
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Kirsten Dunst's dress was anything-but-basic black. We're so used to black strapless dresses and let's be honest, a black strapless dress will always look amazing, but what elevated this dress was the neckline - not sweetheart, it sat a little higher - and the tailoring. The waist was cinched beautifully; the cut of the neckline was chic, emphasized the torso and showcased just how impeccable the dress really was!  The fit was fantastic and of course, the pockets were one of those throwback details that just added to the upscale cocktail style. Word on the street is that this dress was commissioned from a vintage 1952 design and the overall aesthetic was vintage glamour. Lesson of the day? Fashions are going to change and evolve but sometimes there's no school like the old school!

Vintage glamour + modern carpet = timeless Oscar look
Via New York Times

And this is the second year for Kirsten knocking it out of the park at an awards show - rewind to last year at the Golden Globes when she slayed in a black velvet dress that took us all by surprise!

Throwback  master class on how to shut down a red carpet: Kirsten Dunst edition!
Via E!

Taraji P. Henson was SMOULDERING in a midnight blue velvet gown, and she was definitely feeling her look! The dress itself was fluid and sinewy and the cut was an awesome wiggle-meets-mermaid hybrid; her hair and make-up were spot-on and she was an absolute known-out! Velvet is having a huge moment now, whether it be Vans slip on runners, 90's-esque chokers, over the knee boots or leggings. But Taraji's blue velvet number was timeless; a beautiful colour with a drop-dead silhouette that was complemented - not overshadowed - with her hair, makeup and accessories!

LovedlovedLOVED Taraji's look
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Hailee Steinfeld looked ethereal in her floaty, sheer floral halter dress and while sheer can at times be overtly sexy, her dress was less peep-show and more woodland nymph (with a naughty side, wink wink)!

Flowery, floaty, feminine with a hint o' smoulder!
Via People

One non-dress look that made me look twice? Look down:

These shoes need a post dedicated to them, they're that gorgeous!
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No, not the hemline; a little lower...

Shoes that were the ultimate accessory!
Via Lainey Gossip

SQUEEEE! Those shoes... my god I hit rewind and them pause because they were fresh and a reminder that head-to-toe style really is HEAD TO TOE! The dress was goooood, but damn, those shoes were so, so choice and a case for statement shoes, and what bigger day to make a statement then on a wedding day?!

Aaaaaaand.... the men. They did not disappoint! While the ladies were making a splash on the carpet, the gents were no shrinking violets. Traditions tuxedos were given a tweak with sleek designs and styles....

Ivory never looked this fresh!
Via The Hollywood Reporter 

....small but unique details to give the suits a dose of personality....

Tux, tails, shiny shoes and bling!
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Old Hollywood tux, new Hollywood shirt
Via US Weekly 

....and forget orange: blue is the new black.  There were lovely shades of blue that permeated the sea of black and stole the spotlight!

A tuxedo with no equals, as worn by Viggo Mortensen
Via New York Times

Taraji's male counterpart: Blue Velvet for Him!
Via Access Hollywood

From a galaxy far, far away... a tux that was out of this world! My best dressed man on of night
Via USA Today

What were the looks that lingered in YOUR mind long after the red carpet was rolled up and packed away for the next Oscars red carpet in 2018?

Wishing you a day as limitless as you are~
Lisa and April