Friday, 27 January 2017

2017 Wedding Trends Round-Up

You are cordially invited.. to bring your wedding stationary A-game! Big florals and laser-cut details FTW!
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On Tuesday, we delved into the au current wedding trends via the style-makers at Vogue, so we thought why not round out the week and head into the last weekend of January (already! Is it too early to say that spring is less than two months away, or did I just jinx us to an unreasonably cruel and frigid February?!) with completely approachable, readily hackable and completely accessible wedding trends via CTV's The Social, Canada's very own salon of beauty, health, current events and lifestyle.

*~The Social + Rebecca Wise = A Marriage in Wedding Style!~*

On today's episode, Rebecca Wise from Event Wise gave us a fresh look at the hottest and most-wanted ideas for wedding season 2017.  And the wedding future looks eclectic and exciting! The standouts? A splash of bright...

Greenery goes technicolor!
Via SouthBound Bride

... sweetly chic...

Via Want That Wedding UK

...a layer of instant romance....

A place setting that pops when it's supported by this lace overlay
Via Pinterest 

...and a dash of the undeniably stylish....

Black is BACK! Small details = big impact
Via Fresh Designpedia

...and the classic take on the signature cocktail - Scotch or Whiskey tasting bars after my own heart!

A toast to Wedding Season 2017!
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The result? A wedding detail that is uniquely and wonderfully you!

So, what's the wedding touch that's speaking to YOU?

Wishing you a day as limitless as you are~
Lisa and April

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

A In-Vogue Wedding

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Trends, trends, everywhere we look, we're knee-deep in the current trends. Whether it's the foods we eat, the way we wear our hair or the latest make-up looks, to the newest ways to work out in or outside the gym, one thing is for certain: change is constant! So, in the first few weeks of the year, here comes a look at some of the big trends in weddings for 2017 - as presented by Vogue magazine, no less. A collection of experts weigh in on some of the details set to make a splash this year; whether  it's with fanciful large-scale installations...

Via Pocket Full Of Dreams UK

... lounge seating in reception areas....

Via Inside Weddings

Via Wedding Style Magazine

...creating an uptempo and wildly-exciting reception....

Via Weddings XP

...nighttime ceremonies that up the romance factor....

Via Magnet Street

...or the Pantone effect of greenery in the form of trees as decor feature...

Via Pinterest 

.... the buzzword for the season is fresh! Fresh ideas, new perspectives and exciting ways to personalize your day. Here's the lowdown on 2017's 'It' Ideas for weddings!

If it's good enough for Vogue, it's good enough for us!

Wishing you a day as limitless as you are~
Lisa and April

Friday, 20 January 2017

The Secret Winter Garden: Where The Blooms Are!

Via A Colorado Courtship

The winter season evokes thoughts of snowdrift and nature's colour wheel firmly coming to a grinding halt in the icy blue and gray spectrum.  January is only halfway over, but summer dreams have flown the coop and have taken all the bright and fresh colours of the season with them.  But with all the bare branches and frozen ground beneath our feet with every step we take, does this mean that wedding florals are destined to be minimal and sparse? Not a chance! gave us a timely reminder that winter wedding florals are anything but subdued; the flowers that are available during the colder season still pack a lot of heat!

Via A Central Park Wedding

Via Little Flower School

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Hope springs eternal, and so do beautiful flowers... so long as you know what to look for!

Wishing you a day as limitless as you are~
Lisa and April

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Lovin' Plate-and-Spoonfuls!

Appetizer station done juuuuust right!
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For a few days before any wedding we're involved with, I tend to starve myself or eat sparse, boring meals. Is it to crash-diet down a size or two before the big day? Not for me, because my preferred non-bodycon shift dress/Spanx combo is my wedding-attire strategy of choice. Nope, I eat like a bird because I want to enjoy every single offering on the menu! I groan and moan about Just!How! Much! food there is, but I always find the space to enjoy it all.  We've all had experiences with the good, the better, and the best of reception eats; menus that run the gamut from simple...

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!
Via Deer Field Golf club

... to über-sophisticated....

Via Pinterest 

Via Hummingbird Hall
Via McHales Catering
... cocktail hours that have us trailing servers and their trays of riches, or pulling up a chair beside our favourite station....

Via Holly Tate Fine Catering

Via Silk Mill Urbana


... and late-night stations that challenge the strongest  zippers and Beyoncé-approved layers of Spanx!

Oh sweet lord, proof positive that anytime is decadent snack time!
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Yes please! I'll just take the plate. Easier that way!
Via Bridal Guide

And I think that 80% of the time, we're dining in style or straight-up ballin' in a sea of oysters and cocktail signatures. But if we're eating this good, how do the 3% roll at THEIR weddings? Ahhhh celebrities - they're just like us (some of the time) .... this is a look at how some stars celebrated their nuptials!

Food (literally) for thought on a January morning!

Wishing you a day as limitless as you are~
Lisa and April

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

It Isn't Easy Being Green(ery); Otherwise known as the Pantone Colour of the Year

Sing it, Kermit.

I am so torn on Pantone's choice for colour of the year. It's been a long time since Radiant Orchid ruled the roost. There's not a drop of Marsala in sight, and this ain't no Rose Quartz or Serenity. My friends, we have entered Greenery Country.

The spirit of the choice is hopeful and brimming with optimism, and I lovelovelove the sentiment:

Via Pantone

The only thing is.... I'm just not a fan of the colour itself! It's a yellow-green colour that has to find the perfect pairings to help it pop. And it has to be lit with just the right lighting or else it could go sallow or dingy. What IS great, is that there are a multitude of choices when it comes to complementary colours. There are some palettes featuring the big green on the scene!

Via Pantone 


We actually had a wedding in 2013 where the invitations and stationary were Greenery, Pink Yarrow and Flame (found in the first palette, above) accented with gold and the results were absolutely stunning; fresh, vibrant and wonderfully eye-catching!  So the possibilities to turn this green into figurative gold are there for the taking, it's just a matter of getting all the ducks lined up.

The beautiful thing about the Colour of the Year is that there's room to play within the colour family. Fashion houses are already dabbling in all things green, which means that while Greenery is the specific shade of the year, the colour green and all its variations are the 'It' colour moving forward and everything will be coming up Greenery... and Lime.... and Jade.... and Pistachio.... and Mint....and, you get the idea!

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

Via Koket

So.... if Greenery is a gateway colour, what will be YOUR green of choice?

Wishing you a day as limitless as you are~
Lisa and April

Monday, 9 January 2017

The 2017 Awards Show Fashion Train; First Stop - Golden Globes

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Awards show fashion is all kinds of awesome.  It gives us HEAPS of food for thought when we translate those looks into real life and dissect elements that speak to us that could work perfectly in the wedding arena! There were a lot of dresses and tuxedos (THANK YOU Octavia Spencer, Kathryn Hahn and Evan Rachel Wood for fronting like BOSSES in theirs!) on the red carpet that showcased some of the big trends for 2017, which translates into some solid ideas for your wedding and reception. Ready? Let's do this!

Precious Metals and Sequins

Red Carpet: A bevy of tones from rose gold to silver, found head to toe or in stunning accents. And sequins came to SLAY! They were colourful and they were magic.
Real Life: Any way you want! Whether you have your bridesmaids in metallic dresses, or you feature  a metal in your colour theme, a little goes a long way! Same deal with sequins- think sequinned embellishments on table dressings or in backdrops. Perfect in places like shoes or purses, but STUNNING in dresses.

My favourite look of the night: Ruth Negga
Via New York Times

Via CelebMafia

Via PopCrush
Via New York Times

Via ETOnline

Via Glamour
Via Indian Times
Via US Weekly

Via New York Times

Via US Weekly
Via Harpers Bazaar Singapore
Via W

The New Romantics

Red Carpet: Ultra-feminine, with stunning  details. Dreamy colours that are flattering and swoon-worthy.
Real Life: Adding a little bit of romanticism into your colour theme; choosing a softer silhouette for either wedding dress or bridesmaids dresses.

Via Cosmopolitan

Via US Weekly

Via Vanity Fair

Via E!

 Not-So-Mellow Yellow

Red Carpet: Head-to-toe Vitamin D, there were a handful of yellow dresses, but did they ever stand  out and make an impact. Viola Davis made my life with the sequins!
Real Life: I haven't been a huge fan of yellow before but lately, I've been feeling it!  I think that the yellow can translate to fearlessness; go ahead and use yellow or any bright colours you want, whether it's flowers, accessories, or dresses. Be bold!

My Queen...via E!

Via Elle
Via Cosmopolitan 

The Avante-Gardes

Red Carpet: The looks that took chances. Either playing with silhouettes or detailing, or, in three cases, trading dresses for tuxedos. In SJP's case, she took us back in time while Sophie Turner gave us a hint o' Art Deco.  Minimal rules, maximum impact!
Real Life: Ahh, these ladies wtere reminders of 'your day, your way'.... Being true to yourself is always in fashion.

Via New York Times
Via Indian Express
Via People

Via Footwear News

Via E!

What do you think? What Globes looks struck a chord with you? And how can you takes those favourites and make them a part of your wedding? Answer: any way you please!

Wishing you a day as limitless as you are~
Lisa and April