Friday, 10 February 2017

Valentine's Day Made Lovely! Unique Gifts Done Just Right!

Via The Social

February is a month chock full of expectations; we're halfway through our dreary winter, but we hold out hope that an adorable little rodent will offer us a glimmer of hope with a prediction of early spring when Groundhog Day rolls around. Then, we hope for a different glimmer - this time by candlelight, or from the spark between ourselves and our someone special - when Valentine's Day arrives a few weeks later. But, for folks who are planning a wedding, Valentine's Day could be smack dab in the middle of a window of time when there's a lot of other things going on (like meetings with vendors, menu tastings, dress and suit shopping) and a bit of money moving and shaking (when making deposits or paying for services) from your pockets into the wedding budget abbyss!

So then, we wonder just how big we need to go to celebrate Valentine's Day, in light of the upcoming wedding.  This week on The Social, Meredith Shaw brought a selection of gift ideas that ran the gamut from traditional (jewellery) to modern takes on classics (pocket squares) and in the spirit of taking the pressure out of the day, here's a look at the segment to get your juices flowing if you're in the (somewhat) last-minute-gift-shopping camp:

*~Valentine's Day made AWESOME! Gifts that pack on the impact without making a huge (financial) dent!~*

Two of the ideas featured really stood out for me: the personalized perfume and the wooden pocket squares. The chance to design the perfume to wear on the day you say 'I Do' sounds like a dream come true (because I'm a scent hound, this gift is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!)  and another place to personalize an element of your big day. And the wooden pocket square is another way to inject a little more 'you' in your suit!

So..... how will you mark YOUR Valentine's Day? This year will mark 26 years to the day I met my husband (a blind set-up by a friend ON VALENTINES DAY, no pressure there!) and while I'm working that day, the next day we're doing a float together. Not one of these -

Not the float I meant...but maybe after the OTHER float?
Via Diethood

-one of these!

Silence -and weightlessness- is golden!
Via Tourism Montreal

One hour, not a care in the world, talking and handholding optional? That sounds like a little piece of paradise!

Wishing you a day as limitless as you are~
Lisa and April

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