Wednesday, 1 February 2017

When Weddings Go To The Ballet (Or We Bring The Ballet To Our Weddings!)

The hypnotic blues and ghostly whites of Swan Lake

Inspiration for just about anything can be found just about anywhere.  We can be inspired by a quote, to give is strength -

A little Eleanor for those times when doubt rears its ugly head
Via QuotesGram

or a movie scene, to express what we can't quite say out loud -

Via Pinterest

Via Huffington Post

a pet, to remind us that sometimes you just gotta curl up, batton down the hatches and let a cat-nap soothe your soul.

40 winks can sometimes be as healing as a whole night's worth!
Via Catster

We are surrounded by the stuff of dreams and we siphon a little bit of the magic that moves us to incorporate in the ways we live and love so I was instantly smitten when presented wedding tablescapes by ballet! Ballet can cover all the bases, aesthetically-speaking: dark and gothic...

 dreamy,  romantic and ethereal....

A kaleidoscope of enchanting hues in a Midsummer Night's Dream
Via NYC Ballet

vibrant and intense.....

Passion, drama and a fiery palette
Via The Stage UK

or whimsical and playful.

Sugar's a treat and so is the palette of this production of the Nutcracker Suite!

 Not to mention the innate style of the dancers themselves - what they wear and how they look so effortlessly chic - being chock full of ideas for bridal parties!

Floral halos and ultra-feminine tulle = 2017 swoonage!
Via Pinterest

Here's a little touch of ballet-inspired wedding style to whet your appetite..

*~Wedding ideas that raise the barre: tablescapes from centre stage!~*

The possibilities really are limitless.... and wonderful.... and can be familiar but somehow reimagined! Where will YOU find your inspiration that's en-pointe?

Wishing you a day as limitless as you are~
Lisa and April

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