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When The Big Question Takes On A Life of Its Own:OTT Marriage Proposals

When more is a whole lot less romantic..... the Kimye proposal
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Proposals have taken on a life of their own. In the last few years, with the explosion of Instagram - and well, pretty much all the other social media platforms - there's an almost feverish need to go big or go home when putting together a proposal.  (Side note: Promposals are another example of life events on steroids!). The new philosophical debate seems to be, 'If (insert life event) didn't make it on to (insert Twitter/Snapchat/Instagram), did it really happen?'  And as a result, there's a sweetness, intimacy or inate romanticism and hopefulness that gets lost when production value and scale take centre stage!

This past weekend, the need for a public proposal spectacle took an incredibly awkward turn at Boston's Fenway Park during a Red Sox-Orioles game as an unidentified man was shut down by his girlfriend. The crowd, clearly DROWNING in the milk of human kindness, began a chant of, "She said no! She said no!" which was the coup de grace on a very intense moment.

A time-out call? After the failed proposal, the couple fight it out, while the cameraman looks away as love lies bleeding!
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*~One, Two, Three Strikes You're Out At The Ol' Ball Game~*

I don't want to sound like a buzzkill if having a grandiose gesture is your thing! But here's the rub: you gotta know yourself, your partner AND your relationship really well to execute the perfect proposal. Youve GOT to have a good read on your entire situation.  Becuse one person's 'perfect' is another person's nightmare! Additionally, is it just me or do these new over-the-top proposals feel a little bragadocious and all about the groom-to-be?  They always read like a case of 'Look at how creative/romantic/amazing I am! Look at all the hard work I did! Look at me, me, me!'  And the bigger the audience, the more the fawning over the awesomeness of the proposal!

As a palette cleanse from the Great Fenway Rejection of 2017,  Entertainment Weekly published a list of some of their favourite on-screen proposals last year and they'll never get old to me. Consider these the substance over style approach that as a low-tech person, I can totally get behind!

*~Just us two, me and you - proposals that give you all the feels!~*

These babies were great examples of small-scale/large-impact, perfectly sweet and awesome and the exact opposite of what went down at Fenway. You're welcome!

Wishing you a day as limitless as you are~
Lisa and April

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