Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A Very ‘You’ Kind of Wedding

“Today You are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is Youer than You.”
Dr. Seuss might have written books for kids, but he was a clever one, that Dr. Seuss! He hoped that his simple but eloquent messages would resonate with the grown-ups who were reading his works and remind them of some of the universe’s truths, and inspire the young ears and minds hearing them. His books and words  resonate with kids from one to ninety-nine. And this one line has always stuck with me. So it’s in this spirit that I present you all with this wedding recently featured on Buzzfeed:

One Wedding to Rule Them All...

So. Much. Win.
This couple’s wedding is a testament to Dr. Seuss’s sentiment and each detail – from the boutonnieres to the gorgeous Save-the-Date and invitations, all the way to the unique and outside-the-box backdrop – is a reflection of the uniqueness and personalities of the Bride and Groom!
So, we get to the meat of the post, so to speak… And it’s a simple truth: Please don’t forget to invite yourself to your wedding!
I haven’t lost my mind, I promise! Yes, of course you’re going to be there, but what about the ‘you’-ness that will set your wedding apart from everyone else? To take a page out of our Superhero Couple’s (comic) book – what’s YOUR definer? There are things that are a part of each and every one of us – say, our favourite movie that we can quote almost line for line; the season of the year that makes us feel alive (even if it IS the dead of winter!); the places we go, both deep in the pages of our favourite books and Wardrobes and Spare-Ooms, or the streets of the cities that beckon us again and again. It’s the love you have for these things, how much you embrace them, that make them become synonymous with you among the people in your lives; these are some of the things that define us. And if a wedding is a celebration of love, then this is the perfect time to include these things we love – and build a day that is yours, through and through!
One more, a wedding shoot idea from Buzzfeed to give you some food (or lettuce?) for thought:
Wishing you a day as limitless as you are~
Lisa and April

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