Wednesday, 4 March 2015

One Night, Many Options!

When I think of a Bachelor or Bachelorette party, I think of drunken shenanigans straight out of a movie – think The Hangover meets Coyote Ugly with the sharp wit of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.   Hollywood has either set the bar incredibly, impossibly high or lost the plot altogether!   The idea of a Bachelor or Bachelorette party can sometimes become a claustrophobic concept  filled with pressure;  it’s billed as  the ‘last night of freedom’ for our Bride or Groom, almost as if tying the knot means that good times are off the table moving forward,  so they might as well get in all the drinking/dancing/flirting/partying they can before the shackles go on.  And nothing could be further from the truth!   Newflash: There WILL be fun times post-wedding -  fun with friends, nights that go into the wee hours of the morning with no signs of slowing down, and many, many more chances to make memories….
A few years ago, Jezebel featured a piece on throwing a great bachelorette party and I loved every sentiment, so I thought that I’d pass this one along in case anyone is in the pre-planning stages of a party and might want an alternate point of view!
Wishing you a day as limitless as you are~
Lisa and April

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