Monday, 5 October 2015

(Nearly) Naked is Beautiful

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This past weekend, April and I attended a family member's wedding.  It was all play and no work for this one, we were guests and initially, we felt like fishes out of water. We kept having moments where we thought we needed to be doing something and feeling like we weren't on-the-ball! We kept fighting the urge to check in on the bridal party, or make sure that the night was on-schedule, and wondered more than once where our hard-copy of the day's itinerary was  - there was an issue with the ladies washroom and we set off to look for the event coordinator to resolve it!  Once we realized we could sit back with our feet up and enjoy the wedding, we really had a chance to appreciate the sights and sounds of the event. Christian and Victoria put together a lovely night for their family and friends - warm autumnal feel, intimate and clean lighting that created an inviting space, and in a word, the night was intoxicating in the best possible sense!

The bridesmaids were a gorgeous vision in mix-and-match black dresses - each dress was amazing and suited the lady that wore them perfectly.  The groomsmen looked like an editorial shoot straight out of GQ magazine, they rocked beautifully cut deep blue suits, and everything from the hair to the shoes were modern and fresh. But what was the standout for me was.....the Bride.  Victoria, who is a beautiful lady, looked FABULOUS - she wore her hair down, loose and flowy and her make-up was flawless; she didn't look 'done' and after having known her for years and having seen her at many events where she has turned it out in style, it was amazing to see her look as lovely as she always does and always is (seriously, I can't stress how naturally beautiful she is!) and wearing make-up that complemented her and didn't overwhelm her.

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Flare magazine had a great article last month that illustrates how 'Your Face for Your Day' can be natural AND beautiful....

*~Your Face Is Already Pretty Amazing, Celebrate It!~*

... and I wholeheartedly agree! To be fair, this is the new ideal that is catching on with make-up artists, so could the overly-done, caked-on face be a thing of the past? Please Wish Genie, make it so!!

Wishing you a day as limitless as you are~
Lisa and April

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