Thursday, 15 October 2015

#TBT - CanCon Edition!

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Happy Thursday! It's a pretty happy Thursday for us because last night,  the Blue Jays advanced to the AL Championship!

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And wow, did we.

Despite being down by two games and the Rangers needing to win only one more game of the remaining three to eliminate us, despite some inflammatory Blue Jay rally towel/Texas pitcher's butt action (Staying classy: you're doing it wrong, Derek Holland), DESPITE a head-scratcher of a Texas run scored (the homeplate umpire hadn't called 'play' and ruled the run dead as the runner crossed the plate but it ended up being allowed when reviewed due to a little known rule, which shouldn't have mattered anyway because the UMPIRE HADN'T CALLED FOR PLAY TO RESUME WHEN SAID RUN SCORED!) and desssssppiiite some bench-clearers (one being blowback from Rangers pitcher Dyson walking directly into Tulowitzki on his roundabout, exaggerated way to the dugout in a blatant attempt to exchange a few words and nudge him) ..... We. Came. Back.

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22 years ago, Toronto was in the throes of baseball fever and that fever is burning through this chilly October day!  We won our last World Series in 1993.  So it seemed only fitting that our Throwback Thursday wedding would today, while our Canadian hearts swell with pride, be another Canadian icon that does us proud....

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Shania Twain married producer Mutt Lange in 1993. They met earlier that year when he heard some of her early work, and things developed quickly for them, leading to a wedding in 1993 at Deerhurst Resort, where she used to perform in the late 1980's. The wedding was simple and sweet, considering Lange was a pretty successful producer: they would go on to make her album 'The Woman in Me' together which was a massive success for her but prior to that, he had worked with some big artists like AC/DC, Def Leppard, Bryan Adams, XTC, Heart, Foreigner, Michael Bolton and Tina Turner. The day seemed to really be about the two of them starting their lives together and they led low-key lives as a married couple, until they announced in 2008 that they were divorcing,  after he cheated with her (former) best friend. In an interesting twist, she found love with the ex-husband of this friend and they remarried in 2011. But before we had Puerto Rico in 2011, we had Ontario in 1993.....

*~Before magazines ran special 'Wedding Album' issues - Shania and Mutt Lange say I Do~*

Wishing you a day as limitless as you are~
Lisa and April


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