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#TBT - Solange Knowles AMAZING Wedding

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Back in May 2014, Saturday Night Live introduced us to the Beygency - a (fictional) shadow-y organization of well dressed agents whose job it is to track down and deal with rogue non-BeyoncĂ© fans.  Andrew Garfield was a man on the run, because he wasn't a huge fan of 'Drunk In Love' and I sympathized with him because I'm not a huge BeyoncĂ© fan, and I get a goodly amount of incredulous looks when people find out!

But let me tell you, Solange is my JAM.  This lady personifies strong, fearless style, you can get a sense of who she is personality-wise and at times, we see glimpses of her spunk and fire (who doesn't remember Elevatorgate at the MET Gala?)   I love the fact that when it comes to her style, she is edgy, fashion-forward and will always choose avante-garde over sexy, which ends up reading as intoxicatingly sexy!

Here she is, at the Costume Institue Gala's 'China: Through the Looking Glass' and the Gala is tailor-made for her innate ability to wear the hell out of a great statement dress....

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Even though her first anniversary is two months away, making her wedding a little less 'throwback', the fact that her fab event took place in 2014 is why she's our #TBT wedding this week.
Also, her bridal style SLAYS and looks just as cool today as it did last November! So grab your passport, we're off to N'Awlins (aka New Orleans).......

Look at this dress and cape ensemble. Look at the groom complementing the dress with his suit that is so mint. Proof positive that you don't need a crown to look like royalty. #QueenSolange

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Before Taylor Swift and her impossibly gorgeous posse,  there was this photo that exemplified Squad Goals.#whitewedding

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And more bridal steeze and details on the special weekend!

*~Style Royalty - Solange Knowles marries Alan Ferguson~*

Is it possible to fall in love with an outfit? Because her bicycling outfit, that swank ivory jumpsuit, is giving me some serious heart flutters!

Wishing you a day as limitless as you are~
Lisa and April

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