Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Wednesday Winfall?


Budgeting for a wedding is a gargantuan task.  Sometimes I visualize the financial aspect of wedding planning like a game of dodgeball. Here's how it goes down: Unless you have a very healthy (read: super-substantial) wedding nest-egg, you have to lay out all of your wedding wants and wishes on one side; your proposed budget and needs face off on the other side, armed with big, red, rubber balls and it's a battle to the end! 'Decor Budget' throws the ball, and 'Doves released when Happy Couple are pronounced married' takes a hit to the chin and is out of the game.   'Catering Budget' fires a grenade but ''Late Night Seafood Service' catches the ball, victorious. 'Wedding Day Attire' takes aim, and 'Manolo Blahnik' takes the hit, to keep 'Badgley Mischka' in the game.  See? It's a battle royale when you pit what you want against what you need with your budget as the referee!

With all the trimming, tweaking, and sometimes outright culling during wedding planning and prep,  $10,000 would be a lovely, much-appreciated injection to the budget, right? Enter SwanLuv, a new Seattle-based company that is coming to the rescue with the opportunity to add a cool ten G's to your wedding account. There is criteria you must meet and they'll assess each couple's potential longevity but, if you are approved the money is yours, but at a price: if you divorce, it'll cost you.  Should your marriage end, you would have to pay the amount back, plus interest.  Here's a little more info on what SwanLuv is offering!

*~Is your marriage a sure thing? SwanLuv wants to hedge your bets!~*

It'll be interesting to see where SwanLuv will be, a year from now!

Wishing you a day as limitless as you are~
Lisa and April

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