Friday, 29 April 2016

Flashback Friday - TV Weddings Edition

Weddings with an unlimited guest list - our faves tie the knot on the small screen!

I can remember clearly the first three weddings I'd ever been a part of, almost like it was yesterday. Ok, ok, only a few years ago!  The first one was my dad's cousin's wedding, a huuuuge Guyanese-Italian event that was filled with gooooood food, lots of dancing and I made out like a bandit by the end of the night, scoring quite a few bonbonniere of confetti (candied almonds in a tulle pouch secured to the neck of a delicate vase) from random guests and assorted family members.  My first foray into the world of weddings was a raging success - and I had the spoils to prove it!


The second wedding was one that my grandmother and I had been looking forward to for weeks;  we were so excited because the lead up to the wedding had been crazy, the happy couple were everywhere and the atmosphere was charged with anticipation and electricity. Then when the big day arrived, we were up super-early at the crack of dawn and stayed glued to the TV as Prince Charles made a princess out of Diana Spencer. The pomp and circumstance, the carriage, the dress' train that went on for aaaaages, the balcony kiss - this was the stuff of fairy tales!  Who would have thought that the woman who would become the People's Princess would find her fairy tale go horribly off-course, and years later we'd be waking up at the crack of dawn to say goodbye? But that's another story for another day.....

Princess Di, lovely yet tragic

The third wedding was just a few months after the Royal wedding, and it was another pop culture event.  Again, my grandma and I had front row seats as daytime television royalty Luke and Laura from 'General Hospital' got married over the course of not one,  but two days. This was a couple with a pretty shady backstory but for some reason, they overcame some heinous stuff to eventually tie the knot and of course, live dramatically ever after!


Weddings in real life are a big deal, but weddings from our favourite small-screen couples are a whole other story.  There's always a requisite hurdle leading up to the wedding and more often than not, there's enough drama that threatens to shut down the big day completely.

An outdoor wedding... In a snowstorm. Only on TV!
Via tumbler

We even remember the weddings that weren't to be...

RIP Carrie + Aiden

And despite all that, we love every minute of these walks down the aisle! That's why when Flare magazine compiled a list of the sweetest, prettiest and most memorable television weddings, I had to share it.

*~TV couples say 'I Do!' and we were invited to the big events!~*

From Monica and Chandler, to Charlotte and Harry, this list has cozy backyard weddings, all the way to upscale NYC chic events.  It seemed fitting as we headed into 'peak' wedding season, that we take a look back for a little nostalgia and a lot of inspiration ...... Enjoy!

Wishing you a day as limitless as you are~
Lisa and April

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