Monday, 25 April 2016

Your Wedding Rules! Or More Like 'Man, Your Wedding RULES!'


It's hard to keep track of what's acceptable, traditional, mandatory and non-negotiable when it comes to all things wedding.  I mean, we no longer have people stationed outside the honeymoon suite to provide bloody bed linens as proof of consumation and virginity (thank god!)  Nor do we throw rice at newlyweds  anymore (birds everywhere offer a hearty THANK YOU! as their stomachs remain un-burst and intact!)  But there's still so much up in the air.... Or is there? Maybe not!

They took the road less-travelled... And have a damn cool photograph to prove it!

Buzzfeed compiled the definitive list of wedding must-haves and definite-do's so, presented without comment, we present....

*~71 Totally Cool Things To Do At Your Wedding (aka March To The Beat Of  Your Own Drum~*


Tongue-in-cheek and poking a little fun at the concept of wedding rules!  I had a laugh over these 'suggestions' and realized that we do put a lot of pressure on ourselves when planning our weddings and sometimes, you just have to step back and throw 'the rules' out the window and Start.Doing.You.

Rules, shmules - your wedding, your way, right?

Wishing you a day as limitless as you are~
Lisa and April

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