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Wedding Wednesday: Devon Still + Asha Joyce Edition!

Let the celebration begin! A special dance by the newly married couple to get the party started!

I reference 'Sex and the City' a lot. Both on the blog and in real life, SATC crops up A LOT. The movies make me cringe (the second one more so than the first one, but still) but the series, well, the series holds a special place in my heart.  For all the fashion, bed-mates (I'm looking at you, Samantha!) and Carrie-isms that are now part of the pop culture landscape, at the heart of it, the show followed four vastly different women and their friendships with each other.  They were different in their approaches to dating, relationships, even the types of weddings they had.  Charlotte had classy, upscale affairs with Trey, then Harry; Miranda and Steve married in a community garden; and Carrie had a simple ceremony at City Hall, in a vintage ivory coloured suit,  followed by an unfussy, unpretentious brunch with those closest to her heart....eventually.

Sweet and simple, less is more
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Her first planned wedding though, was quite different in tone, setting and scale.  The wedding wasn't to take place,  but had it gone to plan, it would have featured a show-stopping Vivienne Westwood dress (goodbye, sweet little suit!) and would have taken place among a literary who's-who including William Shakespeare, Robert Frost, the Brontë sisters, Mary Shelley, Joseph Conrad and J.D Salinger  in absentia, at the New York Public Library.

Beautiful bride, gorgeous wedding party, stunning venue ... But no groom!
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Both of Carrie's weddings - the almost-wedding and her eventual wedding - as different as they were, are right up my alley. As someone who loves literature, a wedding in a beautiful library would feel like a sort of homecoming; as someone who's fairly reserved and shy in big crowds, a low-key affair is the way to go (and the way I actually went, 21 years ago!)  So while we didn't get to see Carrie and Big's ultra-glam wedding, we do have a gorgeous New York Public Library that just took place - and delivers a happily-ever-after for NFL star Devon Still and his now-wife Asha Joyce.

Tears of joy from the sweetest flower girl as she lights the way to a new future

The happy ending to their story - and the beginning of their lives together! - is partly due to a truly beautiful wedding but also their cancer-free daughter Leah.  Devon shared Leah's battle with stage 4 neuroblastoma two years ago on social media and took time away from football to be with her throughout. She was declared officially cancer-free in March 2015 and once her health was on the right track, they began planning this big day in earnest.  Fast-forward to this month, when the happy and healthy family celebrated their nuptials with a picture-perfect wedding ceremony and reception and you've got a story that is non-fiction story-telling at its finest!!  Here's a closer look at this special day:

*~Devon Still and Asha Joyce's wedding at the NY Public Library~*

Congratulations to newlyweds Devon and Asha! And way to go Leah, on being a fierce and enchanting flower girl!

Wishing you a day as limitless as you are~
Lisa and April

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