Friday, 12 August 2016

Now THIS Is How You Make An Entrance On Your Wedding Day!

A dance with immeasurable meaning

Waaaaaaaay back when (in the year 2004) the TV show 'Lost' took us to a strange, mysterious island inhabited by polar bears, cons, doctors and a Hobbit. A part of spinal-surgeon-turned-resident-island-doctor/voice of reason/unofficial-then-self-declared leader Jack Shepherd's backstory was the reveal that his ex-wife was formerly a patient of his who ended up in his ER after suffering a catastrophic spinal injury (car crash).  He confidently (and prophetically) told her that she would dance at her wedding.  As we found out, she DID dance at her wedding.... when she married him!

Now fast-forward twelve years, and life imitates art in the best possible way.  Instead of a storyline in a movie or a TV show, I came across an inspiring story about a bride who, after suffering a catastrophic spinal injury (swimming pool) did just that;  she danced at her wedding, after walking down the aisle earlier in the day!

The walk of a lifetime

*~To paraphrase many a 'Lost' character - don't tell her what she can't and cannot do!~*

Paralyzed at 17, she was told by doctors that she'd never walk again and her ultimate goal was to walk again. Through years of intensive rehab work, she was able to progress to standing up for brief periods; when she became engaged in 2015, she ramped up her considerable efforts with a goal in mind.  She would progress even further, to not just stand, but to walk down the aisle, and dance at her wedding. Her story is so inspiring, and a testament to just how resilient humans are. Something tells me that Jacquie isn't done just yet, and there will be even more amazing things in her future!

We wish Jacquie and Andy the very best, as they embark on a new adventure together!

Wishing you a day as limitless as you are~
Lisa and April

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