Tuesday, 9 August 2016

The Bride and the Prime Minster: A Photo-Op Made in Heaven!

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Justin Trudeau is our Canadian Prime Minister. He's been reshaping the way we view politicians in general. From his early exploits at Rideau Hall....

The look on Pierre Trudeau's face says it all: Football hold = most effective hold!
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Celebrity Big Brother: the Trudeau Edition
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It's fair to say that he's buckled down, wisened up and grown into the role of national leader, is comfortable on the international stage, and has become an unofficial ambassador of bad-assery.

Exhibit A:

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Exhibit B:

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Exhibit C:

Yoga for diplomats?
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His family unit is disarming and completely charming.  He and his wife Sylvie Gregoire-Trudeau, a boss in her own right...

The First Lady of Bad-Assery? Sylvie gives us a taste of her yoga chops IN A FANCY DRESS AND HEELS!
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serve up an open, fresh - and dare I say, hot? - power coupling, and from the moment we saw their wedding photos, we were smitten!

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So damn hot. That's how babies are made!
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Ahhh, the babies!
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But, just when we thought the superior Justin (sorry Timberlake and Beiber!) couldn't be anymore perfect, he kinda melted ou hearts while he was on vacation in Tofino, British Columbia. A quick rewind: a few days previous to B.C, a family from Peterborough got the vacation souvenir of a lifetime when they were hiking in Ottawa and crossed paths with Trudeau squad on the trails. They chatted with Justin and Sophie and left the encounter over the moon AND with a picture with the PM.

THE summer selfie for one lucky person!
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So fast-forward to this weekend when one bride-to-be walked down the aisle towards her new life with an unexpected onlooker.  The PM was getting ready to leave the beach when the wedding procession began so he did the natural thing - he hung back to check out the festivities. And provide *some* of us with the second topless photo in the last week. And by some of us, I mean me. Don't judge!

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*~One heck of a memorable wedding day photo!~*

Wishing you a day as limitless as you are~
Lisa and April

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