Wednesday, 3 August 2016

One Couple's Happily-Ever-After = All Of Our Relationship Goals!


I lovelovelove photography, whether it's fantastic and dramatic....

A resplendent bride in technicolor!

.... or romantic and styled...

A swoon-worthy, weak-at-the-knee tender moment

.... or casual and natural...

A steady, helping hand

.... because there's always one intangible element that a good photographer can make shine and resonate.  Take note Snapchat: you are awesome, but your filters, while fun for now, won't stand the test of time!

The next U.S President? Maybe the President of Toon Town?

Wedding photography is beautiful alchemy, a magic all of its own. You have two impeccably styled people who, despite the gorgeous accoutrements like formal dress, flawless makeup and carefully selected setting, transcend all these elements, and the photographer is the  wizard who turns the normal into something extraordinary!

I came across a photo shoot last week and it was the perfect combination of one special couple, a love story that has spanned a veritable lifetime - 63 years! - and a talented photographer with a connection to the bride and groom.

This tugs at my heart in the best possible way!

*~Our new It couple... If 'It' means love that spans decades!~*

Shayln Nelson, a wedding photographer from Texas, photographed a couple whose story was near and dear to her; her subjects were her grandparents Joy Ray and Billie Wanda.  A love story in the hands of a loving granddaughter (with a great eye and photography skills to match!) resulted in a collection of photographs that at the heart, are a testament of a life lived in love, through thick and thin, ups and downs, rain or shine. Forget Hiddleswift, forget Kimye, forget Tom and Gisele - now THIS is #RelationshipGoals.  We're a third of the way there, but we should be so lucky to hit the big 6-3.  Thankfully, we have JR and BW to blaze the path for us and show us how it's done!

Wishing you a day as limitless as you are~
Lisa and April

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