Thursday, 19 November 2015

#TBT - Entertainment Tonight Edition!

Celebrities are big business.  Whether we love it or loathe it, star-watching - and reporting on their every move, covering the good, the bad, and the ugly in their professional and personal lives - is its own multi-million industry. Just take a look at the sheer volume of tabloid magazines situated at the check-out at your local grocery store and that gives you only half of the celebrity reporting picture. The other half comes thanks to celebrity entertainment programs like ETalk, TMZ and Entertainment Tonight and its Canadian counterpart ET Canada. This year, Entertainment Tonight is celebrating 35 years in the business and that longevity is pretty spectacular, considering news, gossip and salacious celeb stories are literally a click away nowadays, on our phones and tablets! In celebration of their milestone anniversary, ET looked back at the biggest celebrity weddings of all time!

*~ET's List Of The Biggest Celeb Weddings~*

What do you think? Do you remember these weddings? Do you agree with the weddings listed as the biggest of all time? I think they definitely missed some biggies...

Posh and Becks (Over the top, complete with matching thrones for the self-appointed royal couple!)

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George and Amal (for both the amazing fashion Amal brought every step of the way, as well as seeing the everlasting bachelor take the plunge!)

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Brad And Jenn (they were a golden couple at one time, before Brangelina was a thing!)

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And that's just naming a few! I remember the celebrity marriages that were slightly off the beaten path, like Drew Barrymore and Tom Green; the marriages where opposites attracted and felt almost dangerous from the start, like Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston; or the marriages that promised fireworks and drama (Madonna and Sean Penn). In the celeb world, there have been a million weddings and an almost equal number of divorces - what would YOUR list of all-time biggest or memorable look like?

Wishing you a day as limitless as you are~
Lisa and April

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