Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Wednesday Wisdom (Tooth) And Rings

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Confession: I recently stopped wearing my wedding band.

It's a thin band of gold, no embellishments, just a simple band slimmer than a pipe cleaner that I'd  worn religiously since we tied the knot, except for the period of a month when my cat picked it up off the bathroom counter and played with it until she swatted it down a return vent; had she not taken to sitting beside said vent staring forlornly at it and trying to pry it open, I'd never have found it. No marital discord, scout's honour! We celebrated our wedding anniversary a week ago (we ended up shyly kissing and giggling embarrassingly on the Kiss-Cam at the Toronto Marlies game, which made us feel like we were teenagers again which was kinda sweet considering it was our 21st anniversary and we're not definitely NOT teenagers anymore) so we're definitely cool, marriage-wise. Truth be told,  I haven't worn my engagement ring in at least 15 years. I'm just not a big diamond ring girl.  I'd much rather eat a baguette than wear one, and my ideal pear is juicy, not sparkly! But I will tell you, I have one ring that I would feel lost without is a ring my husband got me 15 years ago. It's a round disc of ivory mother-of-Pearl with a sweet Swarovski crystal embedded slightly off-centre atop a thick silver band. That ring went across the world with me (oh the stories it could tell, and the memories imprinted in it!) and it mysteriously disappeared for a few months (and even more mysteriously reappeared, but that's a story best told around a campfire, deep in the woods when everyone is telling you their best spooky stories) and every time I thought about it or saw a picture of it, I would feel a pain in my chest and I would cry. For serious.  I feel like that ring is my engagement and wedding ring combo that came to me five years after I said 'I do' and will be the ring that I give to my daughter down the road as a keepsake because it is more 'me' than any piece of jewellery I have, bar none.

When I saw an engagement ring that featured a wisdom tooth setting, I perked right up. No, I don't think I'd wear a ring with a human tooth as the focal point, but I so, so, so understand where this couple is coming from and I love that their ring opens up the conversation of what makes a ring special to a person or couple!

*~Your heart on your sleeve (or your tooth on your finger!)~*

The reason I stopped wearing my wedding band is that we're getting ring tattoos.  Again, mine will be just a thin band, of ink this time,  slimmer than a pipe cleaner that will be just as 'me' as my silver ring; this ring will be mine and mine alone from this world to the next. And it will be the ring that means the most to me. So... what will be the ring of your dreams that speaks to you and you alone? Thankfully, just like dreams, engagement and wedding rings are intensely personal and can be as vivid as you imagine, or as ethereal as you wish. Like dreams, they can be as colourful in both tone and design. Be bold and true to yourself - these rings will be with you for long time and will be as unique to you as your eye colour and the tone of your voice. Let them speak for you!

Wishing you a day as limitless as you are~
Lisa and April

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