Wednesday, 18 November 2015

WWWE* Wednesday!

(* - White Wedding Wear Etiquette)

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Over the weekend, Beyoncé attended a wedding with her adorable Blue Ivy.... And these very famous guests wore white. Yep - white!  I know we've lightened up on not wearing white after Labour Day; winter white looks crisp and so, so mint, especially when you factor in the textural appeal of faux furs, knits and weaves, suedes or leathers.  But, have we changed our mind on wearing white to a wedding, if we're guests and not brides?  While brides are increasingly adding hints and splashes of colour with their dresses, sometimes even eschewing the colour white and all the shades and tones in its colour family completely, I still consider white the domain of the bride and her wedding party that day,  whether she utilizes it not, or as requested by the bride (years ago, we were invited to a wedding with a black and white dresscode for guests, as per the bride and groom). For all the changes we've seen in regard to how weddings look, I think we'll always associate a white dress with a bride and any guest who wears this colour will stand out.  Am I being too old-fashioned and outdated? I mean, I wrote two days ago about including beloved pets in a wedding; I love when wedding parties no longer segregate ladies and gents on each side of the aisle, I think grandmothers as flower girls is so endearing and heartwarming and I LOVE me a non-white wedding dress. But not wearing white to a wedding almost feels like a tenet in Girl Code; even if a bride doesn't wear white, the colour feels like it's off the table, so to speak.  So why am I stuck on this one point? This opened up the debate on 'The Social' yesterday about this very topic and I think the Beyoncé factor kind of stalled the discussion, but that doesn't mean we can't hash out whether we think it's onside or offside to wear white to a wedding if you're a guest!

*~The Social discusses wearing white to a wedding - faux-pass or fashion-forward?~*

So, what's the verdict? Yay or nay on the issue at hand, ladies and gents? Here's what Cosmopolitan magazine thought - what's your take?

*~Is it a nice day for a White Wedding?~*

Wishing you a day as limitless as you are~
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